Summary: Probably my most strenuous day, I hiked the Southern Ridges and Mount Faber in 80-90F heat, with some uphill climbs, although the shade from trees helped.  In the early afternoon I explored a beach on Sentosa Island.  After a short break, I explored the sights around Singapore River and saw Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore's first and only suspension bridge.  My evening was spent around Marina Bay taking in the colorful lights, eating Singapore Chili Crab, watching the Marina Bay Laser Show, and eventually walking over to Gardens by the Bay to see the Supertree Grove at night.

Singapore, Singapore and Malacca, Malaysia
Total Length of Stay: 
5 days, 6 nights (first 3 days in Singapore, then 2 days in Malaysia)
Getting There: International flight to and from Singapore, local bus to Malaysia from Singapore

This Blog Post:
 Day 2 out of 3 in Singapore, Day 2 out of 5 for entire trip
Accommodation: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Tour Operator: Completely self-guided
Time Spent Traveling: 14-15 hours with 2-3 hour break
Activity Level: Large amount of walking through 80-90F heat, some uphill hikes
ITINERARY (times are very approximate and meant to only roughly illustrate the pace)
1.) Southern Ridges (9-12am)
IMPORTANT: This is a hike through a suburban area of Singapore so if you are relying on public transportation, be SURE to do the research beforehand.  There did seem to be some local bus stops along the trail, but I didn’t see many cabs.  I took a cab from my hotel into the park and walked until I reached the Singapore Cable Cars, which will transport you to HarbourFront MRT Station.  Also, if going in the summertime, MAKE SURE TO BRING PLENTY OF WATER and WEAR SUNSCREEN AND SUNGLASSES.  This hike involved many uphill climbs.  

So I knew that the Southern Ridges were not widely advertised as a tourist attraction, but I didn’t expect the taxi driver to get a little confused when I said where I wanted to go.  ”Eeehhh, Henderson Waves?  I want to hike!”  I got dropped off in a good place though – in a carpark of Telok Blangah Park between the Henderson Waves and the Hilltop Walk.  The Southern Ridges is a trail that connects several nature parks together (Mount Faber, Telok Blangah, Kent Ridge) but I wasn’t particularly interested in the parks themselves – I wanted to see the connections between them.

The first attraction I saw was the Forest Walk, because I somehow missed the Hilltop Walk and saw it on the way back.  The Forest Walk is a nice trail through the canopy of trees, and connects Telok Blangah Park with the Alexandra Arch.  It was an easy stroll and the trees provided some shelter from the brutal summer sun, but that wasn’t enough to prevent me from dripping in sweat within minutes.
At the end of the Forest Walk I was greeted by the Alexandra Arch, and snapped some pictures before continuing into HortPark. HortPark can be described as a large garden, but I didn’t explore it in detail.  I was a bit sad to see the Butterfly Garden closed though; I would have interrupted my hike for that.
I quickly cut across HortPark because I wanted to see the Canopy Walk, and found it after quite an uphill climb.  There were some nice views on the way up and from the top.
If I had continued the trail past the Canopy Walk, I would have eventually ended up at Kent Ridge Park but decided to backtrack to my starting point.  Like I said I wasn’t really interested in the parks themselves, it was the trail that connected them.  That, and it was also really, really hot.  On the way back I found the Flora Walk I had missed, which was small and not super impressive, but some plants did catch my attention.
On the way back I also wandered into the Hilltop Walk (also Terrace Garden), which I had also somehow missed on the way there.  (Guess sign posts in this area could be better.)  This was a very beautiful garden but quite an uphill climb.
And with that I was back to where I started, and proceeded onward to the Henderson Waves.  I have to say this is the most impressive part of the Southern Ridges – the waves on the bridge were designed using a mathematical formula according to a sign post I read.  There are also some nice views from the bridge.  The Henderson Waves connect Telok Blangah Park with Mount Faber Park, my next destination.
2.) Faber Point, Mount Faber Park (12-12:30pm)
During the hike up to now, I didn’t see many tourists and was in a pretty quiet suburban area.  At this point the number of tourists started to increase because the next few places I visited are tourist spots: Mount Faber, The Jewel Box, and Cable Cars.  I began a rather grueling climb up to Faber Point, the top of Mount Faber, where the presence of several tour groups hinted that I had found the right location before I saw the sign for myself.  Because they weren’t hiking and had arrived by bus, some tourists were wearing long skirts or long pants…quite a perplexing sight to me as my body was literally dripping in sweat.  There was some nice wooden artwork, and the views of the city were great.
3.) The Jewel Box (12:30-1pm)
From Faber Point it was a short stroll over to the The Jewel Box, where you can get cold drinks from the bar and shop in the (air-conditioned!!) souvenir shop.  There is also a nice restaurant with tables overlooking the city from the hill, but fine dining for a single person is kind of lame so I passed.
4.) Singapore Cable Car (1pm)
The Jewel Box is also the boarding point for the Singapore Cable Cars, and my original plan was to simply get down to the HarbourFront MRT and catch a cab back to my hotel.  However, I found out that the ticket includes a trip to Sentosa Island and back to HarbourFront, so I decided to go explore Sentosa.  I had dismissed the Cable Cars as a tourist trap, and only bought a ticket because it provided convenient transportation, but really enjoyed the amazing views!  I particularly liked seeing the shipping port.
5.) Sentosa Island (1-2:30pm)
Sentosa is basically a resort island with amusement parks (including Universal Studios Singapore) and other family-oriented activities.  I wandered into the free Cable Car Museum, ate a quick lunch at a Starbucks Coffee, and drank plenty of water to stay hydrated.  After lunch I began my trek to the end of Asia: Sentosa Island is south of Singapore, and Palawan Island is south of Sentosa, and it is considered the southern-most part of continental Asia.  To get to this southern edge of Asia, I walked on a suspension bridge that connects Sentosa's Palawan Beach with Palawan Island.  The end of Asia happens to be in a tropical place, so the whole adventure was set amidst gorgeous beaches and palm trees.  The blue waters looked inviting to someone who'd just hiked for 3 hours, but unfortunately I hadn't brought a swimsuit because Sentosa wasn't in my original plans!  I settled for taking a few stunning pictures, and after that I was tired of walking.  I caught the Sentosa Express back to the Cable Car station, took the Cable Car to HarbourFront, and got a taxi to my hotel.
6.) Cavenagh Bridge (4pm)
Despite hiking all morning and part of the afternoon, I’m the type that just can’t sit still.  After relaxing for a bit I headed out for a short walk around Singapore River.  Right behind my hotel was the Cavenagh Bridge,  Singapore's first and only suspension bridge, so I started my walk there.  The Anderson Bridge was nearby, and also looks pretty nice.  
7.) Singapore River (4:15-5pm)
After walking across Cavenagh Bridge I briefly explored the Singapore River, eventually walking across the Elgin Bridge and turning back toward my hotel.  I passed by Boat Quay on the way back, which offers several restaurants with riverside dining options.  As I neared my hotel, one thing I noticed was a statue of children jumping into the water.  After that I decided I had enough walking for the day (eh, for now) and jumped into the pool at the Fullerton Hotel (from where I could still see the Cavenagh Bridge).
8.) Marina Bay Laser Show and Singapore Chili Crab (8pm and 9:30pm showing)
I went out for dinner around 8pm and walked into the Wonder Full Laser Show!  I made a mental note to see it when I researched Singapore but had completely forgotten about it…but recognized it instantly when green lasers flashed in front of me.  The show is about 13 minutes long, and music plays as colorful laser lights shine down from the Marina Bay Sands towers and dance across Marina Bay.  This show was absolutely BRILLIANT – I couldn’t take any good pictures but got a nice 30-second clip on my phone (2 screenshots below).

After the 8pm showing I went to Bayside Crab Deli & Bar and ordered Singaporean Chili Crab.  Palm Beach Seafood nearby also offers this Singaporean specialty, as well as a much more fancy dining environment with views of the Bay.  As I was eating alone, I went for the more casual option.  For those who don’t know, this dish is a full crab with the shell still on that you crack open yourself with the tools they give you.  I’ve eaten shelled crab before but I did struggle with this a bit – embarrassingly, the waiter had to put on gloves and help me crack open the crab’s merus (just google crab anatomy).  The other parts I could handle.  After dinner I lazily ambled around the Bay, went back to my hotel for a while (right across the street), and then watched the Laser Show again at 9:30pm.
9.) Marina Bay and Supertree Grove at night (9:30 – 11pm)
After the 9:30pm laser show I headed toward the Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay to see the lighted up versions.  The walk there was gorgeous, as Marina Bay really lights up at night.  The vibrant atmosphere is great for those who like to be active at night.  I described these attractions in detail on Day 1, and this was basically the same walk but after dark, much faster because I knew the way, and I didn’t hang out in the Gardens besides seeing the Supertrees.  The Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge, and Esplanade building are all colorfully lit, and night views of the city are dazzling.  The boat for the Singapore River Cruise also changes colors as it sails!  When this was done, I was plenty ready to get back to my hotel room and SLEEP.

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