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My three days in Singapore and two days in Malaysia were well-organized and well-spent, but there's even more still to do!  Also, I discuss some minor logistical issues that might have made the trip more efficient.  

Stuff I Didn't Do: Three days is a good amount of time for Singapore, but the city has a lot to offer and there are several attractions I didn't get to.  Below are some places I'd check out if I ever go back.
  • Night Safari - According to the website this is the world's first safari for nocturnal animals, and is pretty much a noctural zoo.  Unlike traditional zoos that reverse the day-night cycle for nocturnal animals, this zoo is only open at night.  Instead of dark enclosed spaces, visitors observe animals in a tropical forest at night.  
  • Orchard Road - Obviously I didn't go myself, but a quick online search shows that it's an iconic shopping strip and the options are endless.  I did read about this place when I was researching Singapore, but I'm not really a huge shopper.  
  • Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool - The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands is located 57 stories above the ground, and gives the illusion that you're going to swim right off the edge.  In order to swim in the pool, you have to be a guest staying at Marina Bay Sands, which is a 5-star resort charging 5-star hotel prices.  I tagged along with my dad on a business trip and they didn't put us in this hotel - not the the Fullerton Hotel is anything to complain about.  

What I Would Have Done Differently:
 I think my trip was pretty well-organized, but here are some ideas that would have made it even more efficient:
  • I wrote about how Marina Bay and the Supertree Grove were impressive at night, but they're also worth seeing in daylight.  I saw the daytime version in the morning of Day 1, and then saw the night version in the evening of Day 2.  This wasn't too big a deal because my hotel was right on the Bay, but it probably would be more efficient to see the daytime version during the afternoon, eat dinner, and then just wait until the sun sets.  As an aside, don't forget to see the Wonder Full Laser Show!  When I was there the show ran at 8pm and 9:30pm every night, and also 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays - but check the schedule before you go.  
  • In Day 2 I hiked the Southern Ridges, and my hike involved some backtracking to return to where I started.  Instead, I could have caught a cab to somewhere near the Canopy Walk - which might be HortPark - and then walked through the Alexandra Arch to the Forest Walk and eventually the Henderson Waves.  From there I'd still catch the Cable Cars to Sentosa Island - and would have brought my swimsuit!  Or, for those who are not really that into hiking, seeing the Henderson Waves and Mount Faber might be enough.  As I said in my Day 2 itinerary, the Henderson Waves was the most impressive part of the Southern Ridges.  

Malacca, Malaysia

Stuff I Didn't Do: Some tour companies offer day trips from Singapore to Malacca (13-14 hours), so it's definitely possible to see all the main historical sites (UNESCO World Heritage) in just one day.  I hit all the main points my first day, but Malacca has more to offer than just the history.  Here are some suggestions for those with more time:
  • Portuguese Settlement - A long time ago, Portuguese settlers came to Malaysia and today, they have a settlement in Malacca.  The consensus on TripAdvisor seems to be that the spicy, Portuguese-style seafood here is amazing, but the service can be extremely slow.  They're only open for dinner, from around 5pm to 11pm, and it gets super busy after 7pm (all times are approximate, obviously I have no first-hand experience).  There also seems to be some famously delicious mango juice at Joes Only One Mango Juice.     
  • Jonker Street Night Market - This is only on Friday and Saturday nights and I was there Wednesday and Thursday.  It sounds like a pretty lively event, open until midnight.  I came across one news article that said it might shut down in the future, but there seems to be no definitive plans to do so (as of June 2013).  Obviously a single day trip would preclude this.  
  • Melaka State Mosque - Also called Al-Azim Mosque, it's not really near the main downtown area.  I imagine getting here would be like what I did for the Malacca Straits Mosque - getting a cab driver to take you here, wait, and then take you back.  Anyways, I don't think it's too special, but if you've got time to kill it looks like a beautiful mosque.  
  • Kuala Lumpur - This is going outside the scope of my trip, but if you're spending more time in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is about two hours away from Malacca.  I thought about doing a short trip here from Singapore but one day is not enough for KL - you could see some city sights but wouldn't be able to visit the Batu Caves near the city. 

What I Would Have Done Differently: Not much really!  But here's a suggestion:
  • Probably a bit rushed, but if I'd known about it earlier, I might have been able to squeeze the Portuguese Settlement in before the Melaka River Cruise at night.  The Portuguese Settlement is close to the downtown area, and I believe there is public transportation linking the two (plus cabs are pretty cheap).  I also really wasn't hungry due to a post-3pm lunch, so probably wouldn't been able to do the delicious Portuguese seafood justice.

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