Summary: During our free weekend on San Cristobal Island, after volunteering at Jatun Sacha, my friend and I kept pretty busy.  On Saturday, we went on an insanely strenuous, 19 km one-way, uphill bike ride to Junco Lake.  Sunday, the topic of this blog post, was snorkeling at Kicker Rock to see Galapagos sharks.  It was far more relaxing than the previous day's bike ride, but first, I got irritated with how disorganized planning it had been...

Summary: After a week of volunteering at Jatun Sacha Biological Station, as part of a Lead Adventures 3-Week Galapagos, my friend and I had a free weekend in San Cristobal Island. On Saturday, he wanted to see Junco Lake. He also wanted to bike 19 KILOMETERS ONE WAY UPHILL to get there. We struggled uphill, rode through heavy fog, splashed a TON OF MUD on ourselves (as if volunteering at Jatun Sacha wasn't muddy enough), asked for directions several times because there were NO ROAD SIGNS, and eventually made it to...a lake hidden in fog.  Afterwards we climbed El Ceibo, a gigantic tree, which scared the living daylights out of me.  Strenuous and scary days make good blog posts though, so here goes!

After spending a week on Santa Cruz Island, the first week of a Lead Adventures 3-Week Galapagos program, we headed over to San Cristobal Island for the second week.  Around 2pm we boarded a speed boat called El Sol Mar.  I was wearing a jacket but it was warm, so I took it off and stashed it under my seat, along with my backpack.  
El Sol Mar Speed Boat
El Sol Mar in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno while the crew was tying it up for the night. I took this picture while waiting for my jacket.

One free afternoon during a 3-Week Lead Adventures program, my friend and I went on a bike ride.  It was a pretty strenuous one, with 1.5 hours of uphill riding from Puerto Ayora to Bellavista and a little further, on Santa Cruz Island.  I pedaled, breathed, and sweat pretty intensely riding uphill, and was reveling  in the downhill slopes on the way back.  We stopped to take pictures at this sign, because it showed that we were close to town!
Puerto Ayora Sign
The kitten was behind this sign.